Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Lord Establishes Our Steps

Where does the time go? Two months since my last post date, I'm reminded at how quickly time flies, and how blogging quickly becomes one of the last things on my to-do list. And after joining facebook, it's easy to post quick snippets there instead of dedicating the time to creating and writing a whole post.

Much has already happened this year, and many things are planned ahead for this year. We recently aquired an adorable new dog, my brother left nearly two months ago to intern with the National Bible Bee, my sister participated in several speeches at NCFCA's Regional Speech and Debate Tournament, and is qualified in one for Nationals in June. My brothers' season of baseball has almost come to a close. My spring recital is over, and was so much fun! Additionally, I'm eagerly awaiting many exciting trips, ministry opportunities, and various events planned.

As I think back to the end of 2012 and the very beginning of 2013, I remember how I prayed that God would give me direction for this year and show me how He wanted me to invest my time. Little did I know what all would take place this year and how time would quickly fill. As Proverbs 16:9 says, "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." 

Some of the things taking place were not on my mind as I prayed early this year, but they are coming into fruition because they were established by the Lord. I gratefully look forward to each of the things this year holds, as opportunities for growth, for refinement, for joy and celebration. 

Yet in the day-to-day, week-to-week scheduling, it's easy to get busy with whatever comes up, to get distracted, even if it's not most important. Sometimes I think of all the other things I could and should do, and can get overwhelmed because so much needs to be accomplished. Then I'm reminded that I need to seek the Lord first daily, and everything else will fall into place, as I walk each day in His presence. I'm reminded in the midst of the daily, sometimes gruesome and tedious work that it's all for His glory.

“Holiness is not measured by ‘one great heroic act or mighty martyrdom…It is of small things that a great life is made up.’ ”   
Horatius Bonar