Friday, August 23, 2013

Room Redecorating

As a present last Christmas, I picked out a new comforter for my bedroom. I needed to re-paint my room so it would match the comforter, so I did that over winter break. I also bought a few canvases for wall art, new curtains, and some fabric for a chair cover. But completing those projects got put on hold, because #1: I didn't know what to do, and #2 I couldn't decide exactly what to do. I needed my amazing designer and seamstress sister, Katlyn, to help me.

Well, while I was away serving at a family camp in July, my mom and sister took initiative to tackle these unfinished room projects. They did some detail decorating and completed what needed to be done. I was immensely excited to arrive home and find it all DONE! I'm so excited. It looks wonderful and inviting. Here are some pictures of my beautiful room....

You can see my off-white vanity, which I painted (originally it was a dark wood, shown in the before picture below). My sister covered my trash can and chair, painted my mirror teal, and added some other small touches, along with my mom's help. (click photo to enlarge)

The canvases my sister created and painted. The left one has a quote about abiding by David Wilkerson. The right one has John 15:5, one of my favorite verses. (click to enlarge) 

The chair cover Katlyn designed and sewed. It turned out great!


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