Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seek the Lord!

God’s Word gravely reports that one of the reasons the Lord put Saul to death was because “he did not seek guidance from the Lord” (1 Chron. 10:14). What a stern warning for us today! It’s especially easy to get caught up, or rather, bogged down, in the information overload we have available to us. With the internet and its easy accessibility, we can retrieve answers for just about anything. Sometimes it’s overwhelming as we realize the stark contrasts in opinions about various subjects, even regarding important decisions.

How often do we quickly run to the Lord for wisdom and answers regarding life, or the next purchase (or whether to purchase it at all?). Do we turn to Google or Yahoo answers first? It may be quick and easy to find answers online, but are they the answers we need? Sometimes we need to re-prioritize and re-adjust our starting point. God knows all the answers. He knows where your next pay check is going to come from. He knows what he’s doing when you have everything planned and scheduled out and then there’s a last minute change that throws your schedule entirely. He understands what you’re experiencing when a sudden crisis appears in your life. He knows when it’s wise to invest in a new electronic or clothing item for your wardrobe, or when to patiently save. He is an infinite source of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Yet God can be the last One we turn to. He becomes a “backup” instead the first source.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be like Saul, remembered at the end of his life as not seeking guidance from the Lord. Certainly the internet and information available to us when used well can be exceedingly beneficial, yet it can also divert and distract us from the true Source of all knowledge and wisdom.

May we look to the Lord always, and seek HIS face continually!



Grace Mieczkowski said...

Amen, Allison! What an excellent exhortation from the Word of God - thank you for sharing!

Allison said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Grace! I've really slacked in blogging this year, even though I enjoy it immensely. I enjoyed skimming through your family's blog and seeing what you guys have been up to! Do you have siblings competing at locals tomorrow? One of my little brothers is, and my sister and I are volunteering! :)

Grace Mieczkowski said...

Yes, 6 of my siblings are competing at locals tomorrow. I'll probably hang out in the Family Fun Area, since my volunteering is a bit limited due to having siblings in every age category :)

Glad you've enjoyed the family blog! Jon and I have been "farming out" some of the blogging to the younger kids, which has helped with keeping it regular!