Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Building Cross-Cultural Friendships: CROSS Con 2013

Building Cross Cultural Friendships: David Lawrence (breakout session)
"Our God is a global God and our goal is a global call. Sin’s goal has been to destroy God’s plan... What man in his sin was unable to do, God did for HIS glory."

Our goal is to make converted Christ-followers. It’s not enough to engage in “pre-evangelism.”

With that goal in mind, when do you begin building cross-cultural friendships?

David Lawrence encouraged us to begin NOW! Four ways he suggested we could pursue this:

1. If you’re a student, join an international study association.
2. English Language Institute—look for local ESL opportunities.
3. Go overseas as a student. Take advantage of opportunities you have now. Be an exchange student so you can share the gospel in another country. Go for more than one semester so you can develop relationships and disciple.
4. Take a job overseas. Take a job in an urban city or a country that closes its borders to missionaries. Engage now!

Making cross-cultural friendships is not an easy task. So David Lawrence encouraged us:
“Don’t worry about making mistakes cross culturally; you will (and that's okay!)…Don’t let the fear of people keep you from making cross-cultural friendships.”

“The cross is cross-cultural.” Isn’t that powerful? Many aspects of our lives and even church culture will not be directly replicated in another country, but the gospel and the cross itself is cross-cultural.

But as Mr. Lawrence said, “Our task is not complete until people are mature in Christ.” We must be purposeful in our evangelism, but we must not leave them there but disciple and build the church. Don’t be a lone ranger. The gospel unites us; we ought to work together as believers to engage cross-culturally to share the gospel and start churches with all peoples.

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