Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CROSS conference 2013


I was first inspired to go to the CROSS conference when I heard a podcast with some of the main speakers online regarding missions and missionaries. I was ecstatic when I heard them reference an upcoming students’ conference regarding missions and the gospel. I immediately told my family and asked about going. Before you know it we had a group from church signed up to go. Honestly, I was excited because of the sheer number of solid, reformed speakers and topics that looked very practical. I noticed it mentioned having an emphasis on unreached people groups. My respond to that was more of “okay, that’s nice.” It didn’t particularly move me. I just wanted info on missions philosophy.

God certainly changed my perspective on all that! 

I hope to encourage and challenge you by sharing some of the things God taught me while at the CROSS conference. This conference was the best use of my time and the most important one I’ve ever been to. It was more than a mountain-top experience or an emotional high. God was there. He was present, and the response was beautiful worship (not just in song) to Him. The response was obedience. It was a willingness to say “Yes, Lord, whatever You want.”
It’s hard to summarize what God used most in my life in the conference this weekend. There were several things that were stood out to me, challenging and convicting me:
  • The gospel being clearly defined and explained
  • The importance of reaching the unreached
  • The necessity of local churches helping send and support missionaries
  • Training (formally and informally) now, through serving, studying and preparing for the possibility of being a missionary The importance of building cross-cultural friendships wherever you are The need to be a sacrificial goer or sender

I plan to delve deeper into some of these points by sharing quotes and what I learned from various sessions. Keep watching for posts regarding the conference! :)


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Vicki said...

I look forward to hearing what God spoke with you about at CROSS conference - I heard about the conference just a couple of weeks ago and it looked quite fabulous! I'm eager to hear more about what you learned! :-)

Love in Christ,