Monday, January 6, 2014

Questions for a New Year

A lot is on my heart right now after recently returning from the CROSS conference. I would love to share some of the things God has taught me and convicted me of and moved in me while there, and I will try to do that soon.

But for now I want to go a different direction. Usually at the end of each year/beginning of a new year, I spend time thinking through and praying about what God has taught me in the previous year and where I need to spend time in the new year. I think it’s a great time to re-think priorities, ask questions about where you should invest your time, consider what has happened in the last year, and plan for how you’re going to pursue hard after God. It's productive to look back and see specific ways God has changed you and how He has been at work in your life. With that in mind, answer these questions honestly:

  • What has God been teaching you in 2013? 
  • Do you see God actively at work in you this past year? 
  • What is one area He has been transforming and changing in you? 
  • Do you see much spiritual growth, or did you plateau? 
  • Are you expecting 2014 to be a better year because of greater ambition or because you plan to try harder? Remember that God is the only One who can give you the desire and power to do His will. Lean on Him. 
  • Was there any time you didn’t respond in obedience to Him? How can you say “yes” now? 

Now for the hard part—go and share you answers with a trusted friend or family member. Be open with your sins and struggles. Ask them to help hold you accountable this year. Resolve to seek after the Lord with greater fervency and dependence on Him in 2014.


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