Saturday, February 1, 2014

Don't Complicate the Missionary Call: CROSS Con 2013

Don’t Complicate the Missionary Call, David Sitton

David Sitton gave a compelling message about defining and looking at “missionary call” in a distinctively biblical way. Here are my notes from his session.

The problem: our view of “call”
We attached extra-biblical baggage to the call. Dreams, visions, special visits from Jesus. We wait for something miraculous to happen before we know if we should become missionaries. We feel that we need to “feel” called.

But “feel called” isn’t defined, so we don’t know exactly what it means. This is harmful thinking to believers who want to go. We need the right kind of missionary training that helps leaders see who should go and helps people see if they should.

We’ve added a mysteriousness to the Great Commission that Jesus never intended.

You are called to Christ, so you are called to His mission!

Three things to do when you’re considering going overseas:

1. Open Your Bible. What does the Bible say about missions? Missionaries? Call? What is our role?
2. Open a world map. “Pray to the Lord of the harvest, then answer your own prayer and go!” David Sitton
3. Pray to the Lord of the harvest. Paul tried to go and was hindered, then God showed him where to go. When Jesus told His disciples “go”, it meant it was going to happen immediately. The message of the angels after Jesus’s ascension as recorded in Luke 24 is essentially “Stop gazing and get going!”

Missionary Jim Elliot expressed, “I don’t need a vision. I have a verse.”

David Sitton challenged us, saying: “You don’t need clarity about this mission, you need courage to obey the command.”

Listen to the session here.


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