Thursday, February 6, 2014

My CROSS Conference Testimony

The CROSS conference was the best use of my winter break and the most impactful conference I’ve ever been to. It was more than a mountain-top experience or an emotional high. God was there. He was present, and the response was beautiful worship to Him (not merely in song). The response was obedience. It was a willingness to say “Yes, Lord, whatever You want.”

One of the many things that was particularly convicting for me was the point that we are to be goers or senders. Yes, I knew that, but they took it to a new level for me. Often I see missionaries as the ones that “make the sacrifice” to go, which is true, but what is equally true is that we can be radical, sacrificial givers. We need to help send missionaries and support the spread of the gospel by giving, even to the point that it hurts. We are called to regularly support missionaries. We need more senders than goers! It doesn’t matter whether God sends me or has me stay; I have a crucial role in the spread of the gospel.

Another convicting truth was that we need to make cross-cultural friendships wherever we are. One speaker said that “there is no sanctification through aviation.” Flying overseas on a short-term trip or moving to an unreached people group will not suddenly make cross-cultural friendships happen. You will not suddenly share the gospel because you’re in a new place. In fact, it’s the opposite, because it’s harder in a new place with a new language. We need to be committed to pursuing and fostering relationships with people from other cultures right here where we are. This is training ground for if God sends you overseas in the future, and it provides ways to learn how to interact with people that come from different backgrounds.

For me, the sacrifice is obedience to do what God wants me to do wherever that is. It involves being a part of missions work in whatever capacity I can. But it’s really not a sacrifice. It’s our joy and duty. We can’t be silent. We can’t help but worship God and share this hope and joy with those around us.


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Grace Mieczkowski said...

Thank you so much for this testimony, Allison! Several points were very convicting to me (sacrificial givers and cross-cultural friendships especially!). Thanks for writing from your heart!