Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life of Late

Life has been full, and good! Our small groups at our church just finished up the study Behold Your God (John Snyder), which has been very instrumental in my life in revealing areas of where I have been self-centered or man-centered in my approach to Scripture, evangelism and more. It has given me a grander, more glorious view of the God I serve. It has helped me better balance between knowing and understanding doctrine, and knowing and understanding God Himself.

I’m also finishing up a small group study titled How People Change (Paul Tripp & Timothy Lane), another instrumental book in my life these past several months. Many of the truths I knew, but God has used this book to help me have a deeper understanding of the truths of change according to Scripture, what circumstances are intended to do, how to recognize ‘thorny’ responses, and how God produces fruit my life and others’.

Each book has been so applicable to struggles and difficulties I’ve faced, and I have been encouraged at how God is working in my life by helping me identify areas where I need to grow and change.

I’ve been tremendously blessed by an influx of great teaching the past 6 months! Between Bible studies, the CROSS conference, ACBC training conference, and a number of books I’ve been reading this year, a lot of solid truth has been thrown at me! I’ve been intending to write some of my own thoughts and detail out some specific areas that I’ve been thinking about and studying, but haven’t had an opportunity yet.

I’m so thankful for the work of God in the lives of His children!


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