Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fear: Getting to the Root

Okay, so you’re convinced you struggle with fear. Now what? Consider these questions that might help you identify the root…

  • What do I worry about or fear? Control? Rejection? Bad news? Broken relationships? Conflict? Failure?
  • What do these fears show that I desire? Approval? A perfect life? Comfort? Ease? No pain? Health? Success?
  • What do I love more than God? Your answers above reveal your idols.
  • What attribute of God do I need to believe? Turn to Scripture to see God and how great and marvelous He is, and look at what aspect you need a deeper understanding of, then study it out and meditate on it. 
  • What should my response be? How should you respond to God?

Now you’re probably ready for some real-life application. Here’s one area of fear I sometimes struggle with:

What do I worry about or fear? Rejection, loss of friendship.

What do these fears show that I desire? Acceptance, comfort.

What do I love more than God? Friends; approval and acceptance from others.

What attribute of God do I need to believe? Goodness—He does all things well. His ways are perfect and I can trust what He’s doing even if it doesn’t make sense to me. God chooses better for me than I could ever choose for myself. He knows all things and works in ways to accomplish the greater good—His glory and my sanctification.

What should my response be? I only see a small part of what’s happening and can be shortsighted in believing I know what’s best. The Lord is my Shepherd—I shall not want. Any circumstance He allows is for my good. If He removes anything or person from my life, He is accomplishing a greater work in my heart. He is sovereign and could have chosen to not allow that circumstance, but His desire to refine me and point out idols was greater. God is a jealous God and will not allow idolatry in my heart to grow.

One thing I have to remind myself of: what if God’s agenda is different than my agenda? I need God to transform my agenda to be like His. I must pray earnestly, but not so I can see Him change my circumstance or fear, but so He can change me. I must humble myself before Him and submit to His leadership and then I can cast my cares on Him. “I cry aloud to God…He will hear me” (Ps. 77:1) and “the Lord hears the needy…” (Ps. 69:33). “As for me, it is good to be near God”. (Ps. 73:28)


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