Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Taste and See!

 "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!"

Psalm 34:8 tends to be used in context of wall art for the kitchen. Other than that, we don't always think that deeply about that verse. I've been pondering this verse recently, particularly in relation to media intake.

This is what I believe may be the problem for many of us when it comes to our love of media or anything else: we haven’t truly tasted of God. We’ve taken a couple nibbles from God’s table, but we are feasting from the table of the world. Because if we really tasted, we wouldn't be so easily satisfied.

So often we content ourselves with enjoying the temporary pleasures of the world--investing time, money and energy into things that will burn up. We know the pop culture references, the fashion trends, the latest movies, the popular books. I know how easily I can be distracted even by things that aren't sinful, but aren't pointing me to Christ and aren't encouraging me to point others to Christ.

Is it difficult for you to enjoy time in God's Word? Could it be that your time in media is drowning out your love for God? Is it filling up your appetite so that you can't taste from God's table and delight in it?

Think about what you do when you eat something incredible. It’s the best thing you’ve ever tried. Do you just walk away and think, “That was yummy”? No! You tell people...and you tell them they need to eat it too! In fact, you probably won't be content until they just taste it.

Does that happen in your relationship with God? Have you ever pleaded with someone that they need to taste and see God like you have?

Have you tasted so much of God’s goodness and seen His transformational work in your life, that you can’t help but share with others? Do you want more of Him and have an eagerness towards His Word and towards knowing Him? Do you long to see others experience and taste of God's goodness in the ways you have?

If not, have you truly tasted?


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