Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looking Back Over 2014

This year has been full.

Full in what sense? In every way. Full of difficulties and joys, full of excitements and disappointments, full of changes, full of burdens, full of God's grace.

In some ways this year has been hard, but God has proved faithful again and again. While I’m often resistant to change and to the difficulties as they come, as I submit my heart to my loving Father, I see Him working to change me in ways that I didn’t realize needed repentance and change. Studying biblical counseling, reading many great books, attending a conference, listening to sermons, fellowshipping with believers, and serving others have all been factors contributing to a deeper understanding of my sin and gratitude for what Christ has done for my sin.

God has shown me areas of complacency, idolatry, worry and fear, ingratitude, self-pity, and selfishness. He's deepened my grasp of the desires that motivate me, and reminded me time and time again that it's not about me. It seems like as soon as I start to understand and take responsibility for an area in the put-off/put-on process of sanctification, God reveals another area of sin in my heart. How gentle and gracious He is with me.

God has been strengthening my faith this year through intercession. Burdens have a way of forcing you to pray, and those times of prayer have been so rewarding as they have prepared me to watch God work. I’ve seen abundant answers to prayers, and while there are still many things I’ve not seen answered yet, God has made Himself known in powerful ways. In prayer, He has often redirected my heart to behold Him and His glory, which makes me more concerned about what He wants than what I want. I'm so grateful for God's goodness to me. 

How has God been at work in you this year?


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