Saturday, February 21, 2015

Striving After Wind

I cling too readily to things. People, possessions, plans. I grab what I think I can hang on to. Eventually, it falls through; it's merely striving after wind (Ecc. 2:26). Slowly, I’m seeing that everything is loss compared to knowing Christ (Phil. 3:7). The "everything is loss" phrase is a nice sentiment, until you start to actually lose things. It's not an easy lesson to learn. Lots of ugly sin spurts out of my heart at those times.

I’m learning to let go of things that I hold dear. Christ is enough.

I’m learning not to collect treasures that collect dust and can be burnt up in a second. Christ is enough.

I’m learning that my hope cannot be in people, because they will always fail me. Christ never fails. Christ is enough.

I’m learning that friendship and community, while great blessings of God, cannot be ultimately where I find my hope and comfort. Christ is enough. 

I'm learning that life is too short to hoard or store up for my future. If it means giving up all my materials possessions, I can, by God’s grace. Christ is enough.

I'm learning not to cling to comfort or things I know well. In seasons of difficulty or change, Christ is enough. 

If it means leaving family and friends behind in order to spend my life for the sake of the gospel, so be it. Christ is enough.

It’s hard to really understand what it means that Christ satisfies until other things are taken away and you are forced to make the decision to turn to Christ or to harden your heart and sulk in bitterness. Reality hits—I say Christ is enough, but will I live as though Christ is enough?

“I try never to grasp anything in life too tightly, because it hurts when God has to pry my fingers open to take it away.” Corrie ten Boom


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