Friday, July 10, 2015

The Heart God Awakens

One of the biggest blessings of serving all summer long at Life Action Camp is the opportunity to sit under many powerful speakers who preach truth. This week, Trent Griffith has spoken on revival and the kind of heart God awakens. In one of his sessions, he shared four conditions to God's awakening:

1. God awakens an available heart. (2 Chron. 34:1-2)
2. God awakens a seeking heart. (2 Ch. 34:3a)
3. God awakens a purged heart. (2 Ch. 34:3b-7)
4. God awakens a tender heart. (2 Ch. 34:8-31)

It struck me that I need to constantly have an attitude of humility that recognizes my deep need for God to work in me. This isn’t natural in my flesh. I’d rather God work and change the people around me, but give me a break. God has been breaking me of this proud response that is more concerned about the sins of others than my own.

I want an available heart that is ready and willing to do what God asks—whether that’s fighting the sin in my heart, loving those around me, doing something that’s hard, or going wherever He leads.

I want my heart to constantly seek after God. I don’t want to drift into complacency or forget how much I need God. I want my heart’s orientation to continually be directed towards God.

I want a purged heart. My heart needs cleansing, and I’m thankful for the mercy and grace of Christ, unveiling my sin and bringing conviction. I want to have a purified and refined heart, that I might please my heavenly Father.

I want a tender heart, one that is sensitive to the Spirit and walks in obedience. I want to be responsive to the people whom God has provided to speak into my life. I long to have a tender heart, not a hard heart.

God resists the proud, and I don't want to live in a way that invites God's resistance. I'm praying that He would continue to soften and work in my heart where He knows I need it most. Today I'm thankful for the grace of God that softens and awakens my heart, that convicts me of my sin, and transforms me.